Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday's Pick Five (Week 8)

Well, It's another edition of Thursday's Pick Five on Friday!
(Sorry for the delay. Yesterday got the best of me and I got some much needed rest)
I thought I would start something fun on here. I got to thinking that I would really like to share with you all, all of the really lovely Etsy shops that I run across. I am always falling in love with shops on Etsy (I mean, how could you not with all of the lovely artisans out there?) and as artists, we need all of the support we can get! So I'm thinking that every Thursday (well, that is the goal at least), I will share with you the five Etsy shops that have caught my eye recently. Here are this weeks five picks!

1. Erin Darcy Design (Love her artwork! So beautiful)
2. Hazeamaze (Adorable artwork by a 10 year old!)
3. Offspring (The cutest training pants ever!)
4. Muddy Heart (Lovely porcelain jewelry)
5. Kreativlink (Awesome Journals)

All of these shops are just filled with beautiful items! I do hope you take the time and visit them!


Kreativlink said...

Thanks for the feature!

MeLi said...

Hi Kellie, thank you for mentioning my shop!, I'm looking through your blog it and it isso cute! the soothing music is so good, I'm hooked ^_^

Muddy Heart Pottery - Etsy