Thursday, August 30, 2012


I've been on a new crafting journey lately, one that I'm very happy to have gone on! I am venturing into the world of hot/cold aromatherapy pillows. I had some lovely fabrics lying around along with flax seeds and knew that I wanted to make some hot/cold packs. After a discussion with a birthworker friend of mine, she thought that this would be something useful in the hands of doulas, midwive and pregnant women alike. I couldn't agree more! (being pregnant myself, I know that having one of these on hand will be nice!) So I got to work! The one that I have listed also has the wonderful addtion of dried organic lavender! So incredibly soothing! I have a few more designs in mind (some that will have removable covers, larger sizes and some that are child sized as well so keep an eye out!) I also discoved very recently that these are lovely to have on hand when the little ones aren't feeling so well. They make for a nice, warm snuggle. Very comforting. I would love it if you would check it out! Thank you!

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