Monday, August 13, 2012

What I've been working on...

I have to admit, I really LOVE to create these fun little wood gnomes. Each time I make one is an opportunity to create something special and unique and I always hope that they make it to good homes with lovely children just waiting to create make believe with them. This set was especially fun to make. I have been drawing that same flower design since I was at least 8 years old and to me it looks lovely burned into the wood with a splash of color added. Adorable little flowers under the sun.
Have you all seen the Ooga Booga fabric?? (I'm sure you have) It has to be one of my favorite prints out there! This set of wash cloths are awesome! Cotton stretch knit fabric on one side and cotton terry cloth on the other side makes this the ideal wash cloth. I have had some of these that I made when my oldest child was born 5 years ago (using flannel and terry cloth) and they are still going strong! I'm sure with the addition of the soft stretch knit fabric, they will soon become a bath time favorite!
This set of wash cloths I was especially excited about because they are made with cotton flannel and soft velour stretch fabric. The velour has a really lovely feel and would be perfect to use on small babes. The colors are so bright and cheerful too!

I'll be adding more cloth panty liners to the shop very soon. So keep your eyes out for those!  


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Frannie said...

Those little gnomes are the cutest things! Love their hats.