Monday, September 24, 2012

Gnomes and Brooches!

I'm really excited about my new gnome counting set! I had made a rainbow set awhile back and loved it so much that I new I had to create another, but I was thinking "winter" with this set. They are numbered 1-6 in dots and the dots have been burned into the wood pegs so they are permanent. Each one has been painted with AP certified non-toxic paint and then sealed with my homemade beeswax polish.
These have been so much fun to make! My new brooches have been made using wool blend felt and sewn with cotton thread. There is bar pin on the back so you can easily attach it to any outfit! I have just ordered some new felt and I am thinking about making these a custom option. Keep an eye out!
I hope everyone is having a lovely start to a new week!

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