Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back in the shop again!

Finally, after a good wait, I made up a new batch of beeswax polish! This first batch is my "Plain Jane" polish,  which is simply olive oil and pure beeswax - no scent - so it's perfect for all wood items. I also like to do scented polishes (which I will make soon!). Scented polishes are best used on wood items that will not be going into mouths, etc... (like spoons and teething toys). All of my polishes are hand mixed by me in small batches and is a dream to use! I use my polish all the time for wood items around the house and everyone else  that has used it seems to really like it as well! 
 I use to grate my own beeswax, but using the little beeswax pellets makes my life a whole easier!
 preparing to pour the magical mixture!
 Ahh...a fresh batch of polish.
 little jars of golden awesomeness! 
Setting up!

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